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      The A-Class

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      The B-Class Sports Tourer

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      The C-Class Saloon

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      The R-Class SUV Tourer

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      The SL-Class Roadster

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      The SLK-Class Roadster

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      The SLR Coupé

      The rebirth of a legend

The new C-Class Estate

Refinement in grand style
An extraordinary connection between dynamism and spaciousness is what makes the new C-Class Estate what it is: an elegant estate which not only radiates sportiness but also allows you to experience it directly. You'll feel how this fascinating car quickly and precisely adjusts to the driving situation at hand and its individual needs. Enjoy a driving experience of quite a different kind and feel how this exciting car rapidly and precisely adapts to the current driving situation and your individual requirements. This is accomplished through the standard AGILITY CONTROL package with selective damping system and the optional dynamic handling package with sports mode. In addition to its technology, the new C-Class Estate excels with its intelligent load compartment concept, which emphasises flexibility and ease of use – with an intelligent maximum load capacity of 1500 litres. Enjoy more interior room than ever previously available in a C-Class, plus more atmosphere thanks to a wide choice of high-grade materials and a completely new interior design.

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