Mercedes-Benz Cyprus (North)

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    • A-Class

      A-Class Coupé, Saloon

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      The A-Class

      Between temptation and reason.

    • B-Class


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      The B-Class Sports Tourer

      Designed to fit your life

    • C-Class


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      The C-Class Saloon

      Experience a car like no other

    • CL-Class


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      The CL-Class Coupé

      A masterpiece from Mercedes Benz

    • CLC-Class


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      The CLC-Class Sports Coupé

      Dynamism at its most alluring

    • CLK-Class


      CLK-Class Cabriolet

      Dynamism at its most alluring

    • CLS-Class


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      The CLS-Class Coupé

      The technology of seduction

    • E-Class


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      The E-Class Saloon

      See Mercedes-Benz in a new light.

    • G-Class

      The G-Class

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      The G-Class Cabriolet

      A modern classic

    • GL-Class


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      The GL-Class Off-Roader

      Off-road driving with on-road feel.

    • M-Class


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      M-Class Off-roader

      Refined power.

    • R-Class


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      The R-Class SUV Tourer

      The new form of space travel

    • S-Class


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      The S-Class Saloon

      Looking ahead, driving ahead

    • SL-Class


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      The SL-Class Roadster

      The legendary sports car

    • SLK-Class


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      The SLK-Class Roadster

      All you need for an enjoyable drive

    • SLR


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      The SLR Coupé

      The rebirth of a legend

Customer vehicle collection

Mercedes‑Benz Customer Centre
If you come in person to pick up your Mercedes in Sindelfingen, Bremen or Rastatt, you can look forward to an exciting day. Enjoy various stimulating views behind the scenes of a modern automobile plant. Here are just a few of the options available at all the Mercedes-Benz Customer Centres:

Picking up your vehicle:
A new Mercedes is something really special – but it can be even more so if you’re there in person to receive your new wheels at the assembly plant. Your sales partner will make an appointment for you at the Customer Centre.

Plant tour:
Enrich the experience of picking up your new Mercedes with a tour of the assembly plant. Take a customer tour and discover how your new Mercedes came into being.

Exhibition: experience the philosophy and fascination of the Mercedes‑Benz brand. Changing topics deliver key insights into the latest innovations and historical milestones of product development.

The Mercedes-Benz Customer Centre offers a comprehensive range of services to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. This includes restaurants, a luggage facility and car rental service.