Mercedes-Benz Cyprus (North)

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      The A-Class

      Between temptation and reason.

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      The B-Class Sports Tourer

      Designed to fit your life

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      The C-Class Saloon

      Experience a car like no other

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      The CL-Class Coupé

      A masterpiece from Mercedes Benz

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      The CLC-Class Sports Coupé

      Dynamism at its most alluring

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      CLK-Class Cabriolet

      Dynamism at its most alluring

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      The CLS-Class Coupé

      The technology of seduction

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      The E-Class Saloon

      See Mercedes-Benz in a new light.

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      The G-Class Cabriolet

      A modern classic

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      The GL-Class Off-Roader

      Off-road driving with on-road feel.

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      M-Class Off-roader

      Refined power.

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      The R-Class SUV Tourer

      The new form of space travel

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      The S-Class Saloon

      Looking ahead, driving ahead

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      The SL-Class Roadster

      The legendary sports car

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      The SLK-Class Roadster

      All you need for an enjoyable drive

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      The SLR Coupé

      The rebirth of a legend

Historical sites and museums

Journey into the past

Great ideas are often realised in humble surroundings – such as the greenhouse of Gottlieb Daimler in Bad Cannstatt. Working with colleague, Wilhelm Maybach, the two talented engineers toiled in secret around the clock on the first high-speed engine in 1883 – so secret in fact that a suspicious gardener informed the police after suspecting that counterfeit coins were being produced in the workshop.
Now you have the opportunity to retrace their steps. Visit the birthplace of the automobile, the house where the founding fathers of Mercedes-Benz lived and worked. Transport yourself more than 100 years back in time and recreate the exciting beginnings of motorisation.
Gottlieb Daimler Memorial
The first engines and vehicles were built in this greenhouse in Bad Cannstatt.
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Gottlieb Daimler House
Gottlieb Daimler was born and raised above this bakery and wine tavern in Schorndorf.
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Karl Benz House
Karl Benz worked in the tower room of this residential building in Ladenburg.
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Dr. Carl Benz Museum
C. Benz Söhne automobiles were manufactured in this factory building in Ladenburg.
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