Mercedes-Benz Cyprus (North)

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    • A-Class

      A-Class Coupé, Saloon

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      The A-Class

      Between temptation and reason.

    • B-Class


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      The B-Class Sports Tourer

      Designed to fit your life

    • C-Class


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      The C-Class Saloon

      Experience a car like no other

    • CL-Class


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      The CL-Class Coupé

      A masterpiece from Mercedes Benz

    • CLC-Class


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      The CLC-Class Sports Coupé

      Dynamism at its most alluring

    • CLK-Class


      CLK-Class Cabriolet

      Dynamism at its most alluring

    • CLS-Class


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      The CLS-Class Coupé

      The technology of seduction

    • E-Class


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      The E-Class Saloon

      See Mercedes-Benz in a new light.

    • G-Class

      The G-Class

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      The G-Class Cabriolet

      A modern classic

    • GL-Class


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      The GL-Class Off-Roader

      Off-road driving with on-road feel.

    • M-Class


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      M-Class Off-roader

      Refined power.

    • R-Class


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      The R-Class SUV Tourer

      The new form of space travel

    • S-Class


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      The S-Class Saloon

      Looking ahead, driving ahead

    • SL-Class


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      The SL-Class Roadster

      The legendary sports car

    • SLK-Class


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      The SLK-Class Roadster

      All you need for an enjoyable drive

    • SLR


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      The SLR Coupé

      The rebirth of a legend

Services for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars

What can we do for you?

You get more than just a vehicle when you acquire a Mercedes-Benz. Mobility services, servicing schedules, emergency assistance - you may well be surprised what our services can do for you.

The current edition of our Service Journal will tell you what services might be of particular interest to you at this tiime of year. You can find it here:
Service Journal: Winter edition
You can rely on the same, high level of quality with the Mercedes-Benz ExpressService. Fixed prices also ensure cost transparency.
All about our ExpressService
On every day of the year without exception, Service24h is available for you right around the clock. Our personnel throughout Europe are ready and waiting to give rapid assistance in the event of breakdowns and other emergencies.
All about Mercedes-Benz Service24h
End-of-life vehicle recycling
We will take your old Mercedes back free of charge, then use all our know-how to ensure that its parts and materials are recycled as fully as possible.
All about end-of-life vehicle recycling
Digital service report
Safe and convenient documentation of all the services and maintenance performed on your Mercedes.
All about the digital service report
Mobility guarantees
This mobility guarantee comes free of charge with every new Mercedes-Benz. It quickly ensures that things keep moving when problems occur.
All about mobility guarantees
Service contract
Every day just like the first day, year after year. That’s what the quality of your Mercedes stands for, and that’s what our comprehensive service contract gives you.
All about the service contract
We are happy to confirm in writing that you receive a high-quality car in perfect condition when you buy Mercedes. With our comprehensive warranties.
All about the warranties
Genuine parts
To ensure that your car remains a real Mercedes down to the last detail, and perfectly retains all its positive attributes.
All about genuine parts